My latest project: So Lemony!

Hopefully you are enjoying this journey with me and my cupcake business. A couple of weekends ago I was requested to make some so lemony cupcakes. As always I was up for the challenge. They were for a church function so I did a little bit of a twist on the decorations. I baked the cupcakes in a grass printed liner and placed small yellow flowers made from royal icing on top. They were a hit. One of my customers referred to the cupcake as “lemon sunshine in her mouth!” (Hate to toot my own horn, but “toot toot!”) They raved over the moistness in the cake as well as the light and fluffy texture of the icing. All in all, it went very well and I believe the cupcakes turned out great! Check back for more updates soon! Yum!



One thought on “My latest project: So Lemony!

  1. Beautiful cupcakes! And yes, they taste great toooooooooo! Keep up the good work and ideas on your cupcakes. I’m sure they all will be a hit!!!

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