So CupCakeable tasting party!

Okay I’m late again, but I have a pretty cool update. I did a cupcake tasting party and it went really well. I got some great feedback for the cupcakes that I made. For the party, I prepared the so vanilla, so lemony, so velvety, so decadent, so s’mores, so vanilla sundae, and so key limey cupcakes. Based on the results of the tasting party I tweaked the recipe and I believe this is it. Everyone fell in love with the key limey cupcakes and were fighting over who was going to be able to take the rest home. I am posting some pictures from the party below. Great food, great people, great party, Yum!

so lemony minis

So CupCakeable Tasting Party Score Cards


2 thoughts on “So CupCakeable tasting party!

  1. Hello! I am planning to do a tasting party as well and am looking for ideas for scorecards. Would you mind sharing what you used? Thanks!!

    • Jennifer,

      My sister is a graphic design artist, so she created the cards for me. I had guest rate moistness of the cupcakes, taste, appearance, aroma, and texture on a scale of 1-10. hope that helps you out. Let me know if you need anything else.

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